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2005-05-15 - 8:28 p.m.

just because i have not updated the dog's diary for more than a month does not mean that he has not been keeping busy. nuh-uh. he has been leading an active life. check it out.

last month we all moved.

this is charles in a box. charles did not put himself in the box. my husband put charles in the box. i told him not to, but he did anyway. then charles got so mad that he expressed his anal glands all over my husband's arm. it was rank, and easily the awesomest thing i have ever seen.

the new house has a fenced-in yard, and charles likes going out there to eat grass. sometimes he eats tree bark, and lately he has been enjoying those helicopter things that fall from the trees. one time he ate an old earthworm.

last weekend we went to the park for the monthly pug meet. there was a ton of dogs there, and all of them were nice. charles ran around like crazy and then jumped in the lake. then he ran around until he was dry and we left.

charles has also been kicking ass in his puppy obedience class. he can SIT and LAY DOWN and ROLL OVER (kinda). he will also WAIT and LEAVE IT and sometimes DROP IT. he is a goddamned genius. that does not mean that he hasn't peed in my sock drawer, though, cause he has.

it is pretty awesome to check out how big he's gotten, though. when we first got him at the beginning of february he only weighed 4 pounds, and now he is a hoss and weighs 16 pounds. check it out--

pretty awesome.


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