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2005-11-25 - 2:57 p.m.

So, lately Charles has seemed a little bored and lonely...

You know, you can only give a dude so many treats and so many toys and so many games of fetch before you just give up. So we had him put to sleep.

NO, I am just kidding. We got him a little friend. Actually, Drew (he of No Dogs) gave me a puppy for my birthday (what the fuck?) Obviously, my charms are many. ANYWAY, the new dog is named CHESTER, and he is pretty cute.

Charles loves having someone to play with all the time, and Chester keeps him busy as hell with all kinds of dog games. When I say dog games, I mean the one dog game they play where they run around all over the place and sometimes bark. Sometimes Chester will mount Charles, sometimes Charles will take all the toys and put them on the couch where Chester can't get them. They are pretty good friends, though. Check it out!


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