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2006-03-26 - 8:53 p.m.

The little baby Chester has grown into a super hog.

He is seven months old, and he weighs as much (if not more) than Charles. But he is smaller than Charles, so he looks like a baby hippo. Here is a picture of a baby hippo:

I will complete the mental picture:

We've stopped giving him treats, and we have been feeding him less dog food, but he seems to absorb fatness from the air. Or he is getting fat on carpet lint. In any case, he is a piglet, and therefore open to ridicule.

But I know what you are all here for. You are here for Charles. Charles is a star.

Do you know what he is famous for? He has the ABSOLUTE LONGEST TONGUE EVER. It makes me think of a camel tongue. Whoa.

Well, I will update this thing again, once the dogs do something interesting again. Preferably something as amazing and awesome as getting fat and licking stuff.


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