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2005-03-11 - 2:03 p.m.

charles has been here more than a month now and he is pretty much the best. the crapstomping has all but ceased (i think he got to dislike it as much as us) and he is getting big enough that him running around under foot is not that terrifying anymore. when we first got him he weighed 4-5 pounds, now he weighs 10. he is a lardass. we had to get him a new sweater because his previous one was too small, but the next size up is still a little too big, so when he wears it he looks like a lecherous dance teacher.

overall he is a pretty good dude, and just likes to play and sit on laps. he is always in a pretty agreeable mood, although i am sure he will be pretty pissed when we get his nuts cut off in may. heh heh heh.

here is a moving photo montage of the past month.


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